Keough School of Global Affairs

In this regard, the Keough School of Global Affairs, under the leadership of the Marilyn Keough Dean, Scott Appleby, welcomed a talented and internationally diverse first class of master’s level students. It is appropriate that the first new school at Notre Dame in nearly a century should have an international focus not only in its study but in the make-up of its student body.

Guided by a commitment to integral human development—a phrase taken from a pivotal encyclical of Pope Paul VI, Populorum progressio—the Keough School, through research, education and partnerships, will emphasize the design and implementation of effective and ethical responses to various threats to human dignity, such as poverty, war, disease, political oppression and environmental degradation.

Although drawn from Catholic social teaching, the notion of integral human development is one that, we believe, has resonance with the other great religious traditions of the world. In this regard, we were extremely pleased to announce the establishment of the Ansari Institute, made possible through the generous benefaction of Rafat and Zoreen Ansari. The Ansari Institute will strive to engage the world’s religions in a collaborative effort to serve genuine human flourishing. It also hopes to provide a distinctive and powerful voice for leaders in media, government and civil society to counter what one prominent figure has called the “secular myopia” among elites in these areas.