New Facilities Map

In our history, ambitious building campaigns have presaged a period of great intellectual and academic achievement. Over the last ten years we have opened 23 new facilities—which includes 13 devoted to academic or research endeavors, and two new residence halls.

  1. Raclin-Carmichael Hall
  2. Guglielmino Athletics Complex
  3. Multidisciplinary Engineering Research
  4. Jordan Hall of Science
  5. Rolfs Family Varsity Golf
  6. White Field Research
  7. Mason Services
  8. Duncan Hall
  9. Melissa Cook Softball Stadium
  10. Geddes Hall
  11. Innovation Park
  12. Alumni Soccer Stadium
  13. Arlotta Lacrosse Stadium
  14. Ryan Hall
  15. Stayer Center for Executive Education
  16. Eck Hall of Law
  17. Stinson-Remick Hall of Engineering
  18. Psychology Building
  19. Carole Sandner Hall
  20. Harper Hall
  21. Compton Family Ice Arena
  22. Wellness Center
  23. West Lake Design Studio