Father Jenkins extends prayers, support to victims of Hurricane Harvey

Author: Dennis Brown

Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., president of the University of Notre Dame, offered prayers and support for students, alumni and all affected by Hurricane Harvey.

“This storm of monumental proportions has caused a level of devastation that is difficult to comprehend,” Father Jenkins said. “The prayers of the Notre Dame family are with our many alumni and students from Houston, as well as others in the region. We likewise extend prayers and thanks to the heroic individuals – including many volunteers – who are assisting with rescue efforts.

“On campus, we have been monitoring the situation closely and are eager to offer support to any students impacted by the storm.”

The University has more than 100 students from areas affected by the hurricane. The Division of Student Affairs has encouraged any undergraduate students with families in the area to speak with their rectors, who can assist them in referral to relevant campus resources. 

Graduate or professional students also have been encouraged to contact the Division of Student Affairs.

Several student clubs are already working with the Student Activities Office on potential fundraising opportunities to support victims of Harvey. 

Notre Dame’s financial aid office is following federal guidelines and will work on a case-by-case basis with each student affected by the hurricane to determine their needs.

The Notre Dame Alumni Association is working with alumni clubs in the region on how best to provide assistance.

As the storm has moved to the east, the University has begun contacting students and alumni in Louisiana.

Father Jenkins said Notre Dame will continue to examine other options for aiding those most affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Originally published by Dennis Brown at news.nd.edu on August 30, 2017.