Options for Reporting Questionable Conduct at Notre Dame

Emergencies or Reporting a Suspected Crime in Progress

Please call Notre Dame Security Police by dialing 911 or 574-631-5555.

Inappropriate Conduct Concerning a Minor

The law requires that inappropriate conduct concerning a minor be reported to the police and, if it occurs on campus or involves University students, faculty or staff, it must also be reported to the University. If you are aware of such conduct, you should report it to the University’s General Counsel, who is responsible for making official reports on behalf of the University: gencoun@nd.edu or 574-631-6411.

Discussing Concerns with Your Direct Supervisor

You should always consider discussing your concerns with your direct supervisor, department chair or Dean — or, in the case of students, with your Rector or hall staff or the Office of Student Affairs at 574-631-5550.

The University’s Integrity Line

If you are unsure where to report workplace concerns, or if you prefer to report anonymously, the University’s Integrity Line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can call 1-800-688-9918 or file a report on-line at http://hr.nd.edu/integrityline. All reports made through the Integrity Line, anonymous or not, will be referred promptly to the appropriate department for action.

Academic Code of Honor

Regarding academic integrity, the University’s entire scholarly community shares a commitment to represent accurately and to credit the contributions of every individual. Undergraduates pledge to not participate in or tolerate academic dishonesty, and all students are encouraged to self-report to the instructor any act of academic dishonesty. Students who witness or suspect an honor code violation should either 1) talk with the suspected student and encourage him/her to self-report, 2) discuss observed action(s) without identifying participants by name with the instructor, 3) report the specific act of academic dishonesty to the instructor, or 4) submit a written report of possible academic dishonesty to the college’s Honesty Committee. Details about the honor code and a link to the student guide may be found at http://honorcode.nd.edu.