Address of Pope Francis to Fr. Jenkins and the Board of Trustees [Jan. 30]


Faculty Address 2013 [Sept. 17]

Opening Mass Homily [Aug. 23]

Address to the ND Club of Gettysburg [June 22]

Commencement Mass Homily [May 18]


Faculty Address 2012 [Sept. 18]

Opening Mass Homily [Aug. 21]

A message from Father Jenkins on the HHS lawsuit [May 21]

Commencement Mass Homily [May 20]

Wesley Theological Seminary Commencement Address [May 7]

Letter to Notre Dame Campus Community on Reporting Questionable Conduct [Jan. 19]


Letter to HHS Secretary Sebelius [Sept. 28]

Letter announcing the results of Advancing Our Vision [Sept. 20]

Faculty Address 2011 [Sept. 20]

Opening Mass Homily [Aug. 23]

Commencement Mass Homily [May 22]

Declan Sullivan Investigation Report [April 18]

Passionate Convictions and Respectful Conversations [April 14]

Letter establishing the Strategic Funding Committee [Feb. 10]


ND-Army Mass Homily [Nov. 20]

Letter to Notre Dame Community
An open letter to members of the Notre Dame Community concerning the death of Declan Sullivan. [Nov. 5]

Faculty Address 2010 [Sep. 14]

Opening Mass Homily [Aug. 24]

Commencement Address at University of San Francisco [May 21]

Statement on the Status of Protesters Arrested at Notre Dame in 2009 [Apr. 30]

University of Notre Dame Principles for Institutional Charitable Activity [Apr. 8]

Institutional Statement Supporting the Choice for Life [Apr. 8]


Address to American Irish Historical Society [Nov. 5]

Faculty Address 2009 [Sep. 15]

Opening Mass Homily [Aug. 25]

Introduction of 2009 Commencement Speaker [May 17]

Fr. Jenkins’ Statement on 2009 Commencement speaker [Mar. 23]

Reports on Women and Diversity [Mar. 2]

Update on University’s Fiscal Status
A letter to the Notre Dame Community concerning the University’s fiscal status. [Feb. 9]


Letter Regarding Economic Crisis
A letter to the Notre Dame Community concerning current economic conditions. [Dec. 1]

Faculty Address 2008 [Sep. 16]

Opening Mass Homily [Aug. 26]

Response to U.S. Senate Committee on Finance Inquiry 1/25/08 [Mar. 13]

Statement on NIU Tragedy [Feb. 14]


Beatification Journals
Journal entries from members of the Notre Dame community who celebrated the beatification of Basil Moreau, founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross, in Le Mans, France. [Sep. 14-16]

Faculty Address 2007 [Sep. 11]

Opening Mass Homily [Aug. 28]

Boycott of Israeli Universities
Letter to Sally Hunt, general secretary of Britain’s University and College Union, in response to that organization’s call for an academic boycott of Israeli universities. [July 17]

FADICA Address [Jan. 26]

Martin Luther King Day Breakfast [Jan. 15]

Uganda Journals
Daily journal entries and photographs from Uganda. [Jan. 6-12]


Faculty Address 2006 [Sep. 26]

Opening Mass Homily [Aug. 22]

Statements on Academic Freedom [Apr. 5]


Faculty Address 2005 [Oct. 11]

2005 Inaugural Address [Sep. 23]